You Are Loved


Kay Jantzi award-winning author and photographer of Little Thoughts for Big Days and Safe IN A HARD PLACE, is excited to announce her third book in the sequel series of Faith, Hope, and Love. Through the pages of “You Are Loved”, Kay invites her readers to journey with her to Bethlehem to find the perfect love of a Saviour born that night, in less-than-perfect surroundings, into a less-than-perfect world, so He could love us unconditionally in ours. 

SBN: 978-0-9959593-2-3 | 44 Pages

Mom’s Choice, Honouring excellence in family-friendly media

“You Are Loved” is a Gift Book, designed to lift the reader into the sweet presence of a God of Love, through inspirational prose, scripture and real-life, full-color photography. It ponders the humble birth beginnings of our Saviour when a supernatural, divine love was born into a world in need. Its writings will challenge you to look to the cross and rejoice in the glorious resurrection of our Saviour, who today, loves each one beyond measure.

I’m delighted to announce that ‘You Are Loved” has achieved the prestigious “Mom’s Choice” Gold Seal of Excellence honoring family-friendly media in 63 countries around the world.