Meet Kay

I’m the Pastor’s wife, the mother of four and a follower of the one true God of the Bible and the living Christ, living in the hope and anticipation of His glorious return.

I don’t know about you, but I’m forever thankful for God’s grace that holds me together daily, when things go right and when the don’t. His sweet grace and deep, rich, unconditional love is like a warm hug of acceptance and an “Everything is ok” moment when the pain is deep and the failure overwhelming. Ahh yes, His grace is like a refreshing spring rain that washes away the dross, clears the conscience, forgives the sin, heals the hurt and warms the heart. I trust you’ve experienced it for yourself and truly know His tender and precious, forgiving grace!

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The Book Collection

A collection of Inspirational Thoughts and Scripture, enhanced with real-life, full-color photography.

A collection to warm the heart and soul of you and lift you into God’s presence!


Faith Nuggets

Could you use a little

‘Soul Healing” right now?

Fears rise and panic buttons press.  Sometimes our faith needs some kind of encouragement to keep us alert and to keep us going! Our  ‘Faith Nuggets’ of scripture, words of encouragement, images and inspiration will add strength for the journey and peace for that road of life you travel.


High-resolution images, available for download.


Kay’s work can also be found at Fine Art America